Find the Right Team for Your Home Restoration or Home Remodel

October 19, 2015Home Improvement Tips Standard
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The relationship between homeowner and contractor is essential to the success of any home restoration or home remodel project. To find the right professional for your next home improvement undertaking, focus on experience, references and warranty.


Integrity Restoration’s best advice for choosing a contractor: experience counts! Sufficient experience ensures that the professional knows local building codes and has a great team of reliable sub-contractors. These are the people who will be on-site each day attending to the details of the home improvement project, so their expertise is key to a job well-done. Experienced contractors have been around long enough to know who produces quality work.


Begin with recommendations from family, friends and associates when seeking a construction specialist. Ask questions about their satisfaction and the details of how the project was carried out. Reputable companies will have testimonials and lists of references available on their website, or upon request.


Any home remodel project should be designed to last and should uphold a high standard of quality. Some areas require a one-year warranty of all construction work. Superior professionals will offer extended service to clients to ensure satisfaction. Check with past customers and ask about their experience with warranty follow-up. With an expert, recommended contractor the home restoration or remodel project and any follow-up will be completed with care.