Questions to Ask A Contractor Before Hiring Them

October 10, 2015Home Improvement Tips Standard
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Finding a local contractor that has a good reputation is a better choice than one that has to travel from far away. The contractor you choose can make or break your remodeling project, so finding the right contractor is critical to your remodel project.

Thanks to Integrity Restoration, Inc, Below are a few questions that will help you determine if you are hiring the right contractor.

1) It is important to listen on how your contractor answers your questions. If you have a hard time communicating now, this could mean it could be difficult to communicate when you have hired him for your remodel.

2) Have your prospective contractor itemize your bid. Most contractors will give you a bottom line leaving you in the dark on what they are actually charging you for. Your itemized bid should show the cost of all the various elements of your project. Examples are: demolition and removal of all debris, framing, finish carpentry, plumbing, HVAC, electrical work, floor covering and installation, drywall and painting and lighting fixtures.

By providing an itemized list it is much easier to compare your bids between contractors to make sure you are comparing and apple to apple match. If the contractor resists on giving you an itemized list this could be a red flag.

3) Is your bid a fixed price or an estimate? Many contractors will treat their bids as an estimate which means your bill could be higher when you project is completed. Make sure and request a fixed price bid instead.

4) How long has the contractor been doing business in your town? A contractor that has been doing business in your town for 8 to 10 years has most likely established a good network of suppliers and subcontractors. He also has a local reputation to uphold, so this will make him a safer bet than a contractor that either is traveling from another town or is new to the business.

5) What suppliers do you use? Your contractor will have a network of suppliers he uses such as tile shops, bath and kitchen showrooms and lumber yards. Ask the supplier if the contractor you are considering to hire has left a trail of unhappy customers, does he pay his bills on time and would they hire him for their own project.

6) Can I meet the job foreman that will be working on my home remodel? Most contractors do not actually get involved in the day to day labor when remodeling your home. They most likely are out bidding other jobs or managing other projects. So meeting the job foreman who is working on your remodel is important.  He will advise how the project is going and answer any questions you might have. If your contractor will be doing the job himself ask him if he will be there every day or what his work schedule will be.