Tips on Choosing the Perfect Custom Mirror

November 7, 2016Home Improvement Tips Standard

Mirrors add elegance and depth to any room. If you can’t find the perfect pieces, consider calling a custom picture framing professional for help. Custom mirrors are chosen in a similar way as custom picture frames. Here are a few tips on how to pick the right piece.


Mirrors should be proportional to the wall and other items in the room. Consider the size of the room, furniture and other hanging decorations and find a size that blends in well. However, if you want you mirrors to be the focal point, go with larger sizes to make a bolder statement.


Mirrors usually come in rectangular or circular form, but you can also find oblong shapes for accent pieces. The shapes you choose depend on the other wall decorations and the type of attention you want to bring to the mirrors.


Artware states that custom frames can add simplicity, complexity, elegance or pizzazz to mirrors. Choose custom frames based on the material, texture and color. Consider the overall effect you want your mirror to have and pick a frame that accentuates the look.

If you need more design ideas or help with the custom picture framing process, call your custom framing professionals. They can help you find design the perfect mirrors for your home or business.