What Are the Benefits of Bed Bug Treatment With Heat?

December 5, 2015Pest Control Standard
Bed Bug Size

A bed bug compared to a human finger. Source: cuyahogabedbugs.org

If you’re hesitant to have your bed bug infestation taken care of because of inherent risks associated with bed bug treatment, you’re in luck. Using a heat treatment, the risks are basically eliminated. Bed bug heat treatment is something that more and more individuals are choosing because of the many benefits experienced. According to Green Heat SD, benefits include:

  1. All bed bugs are killed in minutes. It is extremely rare that a follow-up treatment will happen, no matter what stage of life the bugs are in when the heat treatment takes place.
  2. No chemicals are needed. You don’t have to worry about negative side effects of chemical agents. The treatment takes anywhere from six to eight hours and the homeowners can occupy the space immediately following the service.
  3. Your home remains the same. You don’t have to bag your clothes, replace your furniture, get rid of curtains or try to get rid of nasty odors when all is said and done. The only thing that changes is the bugs will be gone.

Bed bug thermal treatment is quickly catching on because of these beneficial facts. Homeowners are realizing they can get rid of the pests without causing too much havoc in their homes. If you need bed bug treatment, it might be time to look into your bed bug heat treatment options.